Aura & Lyra Laser Vein Treatment

aura lyra laserOur Vein Treatment involves the use of the Aura and Lyra lasers. During each treatment, laser light is directed along the vein and is attracted to the hemoglobin, the dark pigment in the vein. As a result of thermal energy from laser light, the vein is collapsed, then shrinks and fades. The body will then re-absorb the vein gradually.

If you are tired of unattractive and unsightly spider veins, you may want to consider Day Medical Salon’s Vein Treatment. The most commonly treated areas include the legs, arms, chest or face. You can notice difference after just a few treatments.

Aside from a few possible side effects, our Vein Treatment is safe and effective. Minimal discomfort and no needles make this a great treatment to rid you of unsightly spider veins. Several treatments may be required to clear any area of spider veins adequately. Veins continue to clear for three months and then we may repeat the procedure if necessary.